The firm could be a tree with the virtue as its root. The tree would no longer be flourishing if the root starts decaying. We take the tenet “Virtue” as our service philosophy and the code of conduct, in order to maintain the high quality of service and deliver our commitment to clients.

As a trustful service provider, we have tried our best to work with conscience and make return in good faith.

As a standard enterprise, we have taken good care of our employees and regarded it as our foremost social responsibility. Our achievements fully depend on our gifted members. We are trying our best to offer them the equal opportunity and fair competing system so that they could show their talents and achieve their personal values.

Our requirements for employees are honesty, enthusiasm and professionalism. 

Excellent service derives from the constantly improvement of our staff's expertise, which comes from their sense of responsibility for work, clients and their own life. We aim to provide an open platform so that we could give them constant encouragement and inspiration. We believe this will bring us substantial development.

There could be many leaves for a tree, but could only have one trunk. Everyone in our team is like a leaf of the tree, which performs his own function but creates corporate values. Everyone is unique but integrated with each other to fulfill common tasks. We respect and care for each other, collect sparking points of everyone and work hard to be the think tank of our clients. 

For IP business, timing is law, is right and is life. The client may permanently lose his right if the timing was not properly managed. Therefore we take it seriously and treat it as our own life. “Punctuality” and “Speed” are our operation principles for work. We believe we could attract more business if we do the job properly and efficiently.